Pole vaulting tour

While enjoying a nice cup of coffee and one of the best Frysian pastries, we’ll show you an introductory video of pole vaulting.

Pole vaulting is the new mudflat hiking, it’s a must do for your corporate day out.

After the explanation, our tour guide will take you for a walk along the fields. He’ll tell you about the history of the region, it’s nature and the animals that live there. During the walk we’ll come across ditches. That’s what pole vaulting is about! At first it may seem easy, but soon enough it will become challenging.

For people who are not keen on pole vaulting, our electric boats are the perfect alternative.

After some good exercise, the ‘pole heroes’ are invited to take a rest on our terrace. In case of bad weather, we’ll cover up the terrace or we’ll move to the conservatory. Underneath the smoke of the BBQ, we’ll go over the hilarious moments of crossing the ditches.

We will serve you some really tasty meat and fish from the American smoker BBQ, accompanied by bread, dips and healthy salads.

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