Yoga & Meditation

Mindfully working on a stronger team

Would you like to find more depth in your professional life? Or to get more inspired during an offsite meeting with your colleagues? Choose this luxurious private location to invest in yourself and in your team.

Find inspiration and boost your energy levels in the peaceful surroundings of the farm. Take one of our electric boats to enjoy the tranquillity of the water. Or spend some time alone in the privacy of your own guest room.

Did you know that our luminous boardroom is very suitable to be used as a yoga and meditation room?

Business in balance

In collaboration with Lighthouse Works we organise detox, mindfulness and yoga weekends for people who would like to feel more balanced and energized.

For companies we also develop ‘Business in balance’ programmes, for example a two-day corporate meeting with yoga or a corporate event with the theme ‘vitality’. 

Energize your body and company

Creator and inspirator Monique Sajet offers a personal leadership programme, such as Biodanza. With Biodanza she offers an energizing check-up of your body and company.

We will provide good, healthy meals during the event.

Yoga break

Our local yoga teachers will help to make you feel vitalized and renewed during your meeting or training at the Pollepleats. Have a look on the website of Minke or Freya.

Start your day with an early morning yoga session or take a break from your meeting with some energizing yoga. Use one of our peaceful rooms or go outside into the fields!