Families & Friends

Luxurious group accommodation at the waterfront

The Pollepleats is a luxurious group accommodation in Southwest Friesland. The perfect place for a fantastic family day or an unforgettable weekend with friends.

Here you can enjoy a great moment with family & friends in the tranquillity of an ample house with exquisite facilities, surrounded by water and breathtaking panoramic views.

Activities in and around the Pollepleats

Say, you book the Pollepleats with families or friends. Which activities would you like to do? At the Pollepleats you can do a lot of things by yourself. Just picture you and your friends sailing, pole vaulting (fierljeppen), driving karts, playing table tennis or farmer’s golf. Click here for an overview of all the organized activities you can book with us.

Ask a caterer to arrange your breakfast, lunch and dinner, in that way you spare yourself a weekend of cooking. You also have the possibility to order your snacks, ice cream and pastries before arrival. Bouquets of flowers, a DJ or music band are just some of the options that we offer to create a festive atmosphere.

Or hire a flashy party tent, extra furniture, lighting or a DJ set with our partners.

Pick a date

Do you also feel like going to the Pollepleats? But planning a day or a weekend with a group seems a tough job?

Datumprikker.nl makes it easy! With this website you’ll have everyone prepared for a family day or a weekend with friends in a flash.

Tip: check first which days we still have available. It’s not a bad idea to make a pre-reservation on your preferred date.

Division of the rooms

When booking the Pollepleats with family or friends, you’ll be surprised how much space you’ll have.

Have a drink by the fire in the living room, enjoy a spheric dinner in the conservatory or prepare a great dinner together in the professional kitchen, while the kids play on the spacious dance floor or around the house, and dream away in the guest rooms or suits, or even better, indulge yourself in our luxurious wellness area.

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