A special birthday

Celebrating a special birthday!

Time flies…when you’re having fun! Would you like to throw a party to celebrate a special birthday? At the Pollepleats we’ll make sure your party is extra special!

Upon arrival we’ll welcome you with some coffee or tea and a delicious Frysian pastry of Popma bakery. Catch up with your family and friends in the cosy lounge or at the bar. There’s unlimited drinks and a wide range of (warm) snacks during the afternoon and evening.



Take a trip down memory lane by looking at old photos and videos from your private photo collection on our big LCD-screen. Together with your family and friends, this is the perfect moment to laugh and share memories.

With our professional audio system, you could play the music that you like.There is also a microphone, if you or someone else would like to give a speech.

If you want to be sure the dance floor is crowded, we could organise a DJ, music band or even a troubadour for you. Our dance floor is very suitable for people who’d love to shake their booty!

After some good conversations and a little dance we’ll end the evening with a hot dog, before you and your guests drive home with some great new memories…