Saying goodbye

Remembering the good times...

A beautiful life deserves a dignified farewell. Everyone says goodbye in their own personal way.

At the Pollepleats we offer several options to come together with family and friends after a funeral or cremation.

Personal attention

After the farewell ceremony, funeral or remembrance it is best to have professional people taking care of your guests. The staff of the Pollepleats would be more than willing to help you. We could also give you ideas for a programme or help to arrange it when you have a clear idea of how you would like the get together to be.

Having lunch at long tables

Upon arrival we could serve you a hot cup of coffee or tea, or you could have lunch at long tables in the conservatory or outside in the fields. Or you could talk things over close to the fireplace.

If you would like to give a speech for a large group, we have an audio system including microphone at your disposal. Or if you would like to show pictures or videos, you could use our big LCD-screen.

Special requests

At the Pollepleats we’d be happy to help you with any special requests. A certain type of flowers, music, typical food, or wine of which you have special memories? We work with a wide range of suppliers, so we have almost everything quickly at hand. If you prefer to arrange it yourself, that’s also fine by us.

Would you like to have more information about the possibilities for a dignified farewell on the preferred date? Contact us by phone or e-mail, or have the funeral attendant contact us. We’d be happy to help you with anything you may need.