12,5 year wedding anniversary

Celebrate love and life!

Being married for 12,5 years is cause for a great party, don’t you think? A special moment to celebrate love and life now your loved ones are still here.
Did you get married in the summertime? Then the 12,5 years celebration now will be in the winter. Or the other way around.

Do you need some ideas for what to do during the celebration? What about turning back time and having a look at your wedding pictures on our huge LCD-screen.

Package contains

Before organising your wedding anniversary, we would like to personally discuss your wishes and ideas. Depending on what you would like to do, the celebration could take place in the evening or during the day. At the Pollepleats there are many options for activities you can enjoy: for young and old, for small and big groups.

But first it is important to pick a date. Have a look at our agenda.


You could cater the celebration yourself or we could arrange it for you. Anyway, we will make sure the fridge is filled with cold drinks. Would you like the food to be served? Or do you have any special requests concerning the cake, snacks or dinner? We’d be happy to arrange any extras for you at an extra fee.


Would you like to have another wedding ceremony? A ceremonial speaker could even renew your wedding vow.

At your 12,5 years wedding anniversary you can do all the things you would have done differently on your wedding. Dance all night long, only invite your best friends and family, and wear a comfortable dress or suit.

And what about a romantic wedding night in our luxurious bridal suite?