50 year wedding anniversary

A golden marriage!

A golden wedding anniversary is always cause for a big celebration. You probably have a large family including children, grand children, friends and acquaintances with whom you would like to celebrate this major milestone.
At the Pollepleats there are many options for things you can do on your 50th anniversary. We have activities for young and old, and there is entertainment both inside and outside of the farm.
The reception could take place in the spacious hall, while the children are playing football in the fields or karting in the yard.


We would like to discuss your wishes and ideas in a personal conversation at the Pollepleats.

The most important is that you first pick a date. Have a look at our agenda.


If your children or grandchildren would like to cater for your celebration themselves, you are welcome to use our professional kitchen. But it would also be possible to hire a professional caterer, so all of you can enjoy the day. Whatever option you choose, we will make sure the fridge is filled with cold drinks.

Would you like to have our staff serving food & drinks during the day? Or do you have special wishes concerning the cake, snacks or dinner? We’d be happy to arrange anything that suits your requirements.


Games for the grandchildren?
Looking at old pictures on our big LCD-screen?
Playing music from the 60’s?
An ice cream kart that will melt everyone’s heart?

At the Pollepleats almost anything is possible. Get in touch to find out more about the possibilities.