Wedding festival

Do you love going to festivals? So why not have one on your wedding day!

In collaboration with Festival Bruiloft (an initiative of Sibiz Meetings & Events) we offer you a complete wedding festival package.

We will arrange everything that comes with a festival: from food trucks to colored lanterns, from special DJ-cars to wooden signposts. But first of all we would like to personally discuss your ideas and visions to ensure your day is exactly as you want it. Or if you prefer taking on the organisation of the festival yourself, that’s fine with us too!

Around the farm we have a huge space that can be turned into a festival terrain. Would you like to have tents with cabaret or comedy, food trucks, a carousel or vintage jazz bands? Anything is possible at the Pollepleats, so start imagining your dream day.

Please note: Trucks are not able to drive down the narrow road to our farm.